Top Things to do in Hawaii


Top Things to do in Hawaii

Top Things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii is among the top travel destinations in the United States. The remote group of islands is home to some of the world’s best beaches, unique Hawaiian culture, and even history. Some of the top things to do in Hawaii include:

  • Visiting the beaches
  • Going snorkeling or diving
  • Exploring nature
  • Visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial
  • Immersing in the Hawaiian culture

We’ll explore each of these experiences and provide you tips on how to make the most of your Hawaii vacation.

Visit the Beaches

Hawaii consists of over 130 individual islands – surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find some of the world’s best beaches across the various hot spots in Hawaii.

Going to the beach is one of the highlight activities of visiting Hawaii. You’ll find clean beaches with soft, fine sands and clear blue waters.

Some of the top Hawaii beaches are:

  • Waikiki Beach
  • North Shore
  • Kaanapali

Hawaii beaches are spread across the various Islands, giving you a different experience at each.

Many people enjoy going to the beach for recreational beach activities, lounging in the Hawaiian sun, going for a refreshing swim in the ocean, and more.

Go Diving or Snorkeling

Hawaii is a beautiful destination, both above and below the water. After taking in the beautiful sea level sights, you should take some time to explore Hawaii’s underwater world. Hawaii’s marine life is abundant with many unique sights – it’s one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and diving.

You can find diving spots on various islands like Maui, Oahu, and Lanai. Each site offers an extraordinary experience, so it may be worth doing them all if you have the time.

Some of the sights you might see are the lush reefs full of fish, rare rock formations, and famous shipwrecks.

Diving and snorkeling are two top activities in Hawaii, so there are lots of guided tours to take you to the best spots around the island.

Explore Nature

Views of the ocean aren’t the only thing contributing to the scenic beauty of Hawaii – visitors should explore the interior of the islands to encounter some of the natural environment.

There are lots of ways to get a proper nature experience in Hawaii, many of them popular for enjoying outdoor recreation.

Hawaii has a couple of national parks to visit during your visit, including:

  • Hawaii Volcanoes
  • Haleakalā

As the name suggests, Hawaii Volcanoes national park on Hilo lets you explore the summits of two active volcanoes. The high elevation gives you great views of the surrounding landscape.

Haleakalā national park on Maui lets you venture into some of the backcountry hiking routes of Hawaii for great views on the island.

Hawaii also has a few fun ways to connect with scenic nature. There are some adrenaline-filled activities such as ziplining and off-roading available around Hawaii.

Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial

Most people appreciate Hawaii for its beauty, but it’s also rooted in history thanks to the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is a former military base-turned-museum in Honolulu that gives visitors a glimpse into the past of the site.

The attack on Pearl Harbor is considered one of the triggering events to start World War II. The military base was attacked by the Japanese, killing over 2,000 Americans. Today, the site honors the fallen citizens with the national monument.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial showcases multimedia exhibits to give visitors an accurate look at the tragic events. You can see a film documentary of the events, view memorabilia, and take a boat experience. Guided tours are available to learn more about the history of Pearl Harbor.

Immerse in Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii is part of the United States, but thanks to the distance, you’ll witness an entirely different culture here that greatly contrasts ‘typical’ American culture.

One of the top things to do in Hawaii is to immerse yourself into the local culture. From “Aloha” greetings to receiving your flower lei, you’ll get a taste of the culture as soon as you land on the island.

Hawaii hotels and resorts provide lots of activities to connect tourists with the Hawaiian culture. You can find a lot of Hawaii specialty dishes like fresh local fruits or even attend a luau party at night.

You’ll fall in love with the unique Hawaiian culture that you won’t find anywhere else except across the Hawaiian Islands.

Where to Stay in Hawaii

Hawaii has lots of islands to choose from, so how do you pick the best one for your trip? Hawaii has a few tourist hotspots where most people like to stay – also where you’ll find most of the Hawaii hotels and resorts:

  • Oahu – Honolulu
  • Maui
  • Big Island

The most popular place to stay in Hawaii is on the island of Oahu, where the capital, Honolulu, is located. There are many big-name brand hotels such as the beachfront Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, or exclusive boutique-style resorts such as the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel with incredible views of Diamond Head Monument.

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Hawaii is a top tourist destination, so you might find large crowds around the popular beaches, especially during peak travel time. To avoid the crowds, you find lots of exclusive private island villas and retreats.

Renting a villa on a private island in Hawaii gives you access to your own beach, transportation to the main islands, all while enjoying luxury hotel service and amenities.

Hawaii Travel Tips

The peak travel season in Hawaii is during the summer months; it’s also when the weather is the hottest. Due to the number of people on the island, many people find it too crowded to enjoy fully. The best times to visit Hawaii is during the late Spring and early Autumn – the Hawaii weather is ideal for enjoying outdoors, and prices for accommodations are lower during these months.

Do your part to preserve the environment. Hawaii is a tourist hotspot, but it has been able to maintain its reputation as a beautiful destination thanks to substantial preservation efforts. Avoid leaving waste at the beach or when exploring the natural areas of the islands.

Respect the Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is a unique destination with its own customs. Be respectful and appreciate their heritage. As a tourist, you are a visitor to their island, and they welcome you to experience the authentic culture – be respectful of the Hawaiian way of life.

Get travel insurance before you visit. Hawaii will be your trip of a lifetime; while planning for your trip, be sure to get travel insurance to protect various aspects of your trip. There’s a lot of tourists visiting Hawaii, and travel insurance will protect you from theft, injury, and other unexpected travel occurrences.

Get ready for your vacation in paradise when you travel to Hawaii. Whether you want to be active and exploring nature or a relaxing vacation lounging on the beach, Hawaii has something for everyone.

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