Best Family Destinations in the US for Your Family Reunion


Best Family Destinations in the US for Your Family Reunion

Best Family Destinations in the US for Your Family Reunion

Tired of the same family reunions year after year? Give yourself something to look forward to this year by visiting one of these top family reunion destinations in the US. We’ve selected the best places where everyone can have a great time – from the kids to the grandparents.

You’ll find some excellent destinations across America that are perfect for accommodating large family gatherings. Each place is unique for finding fun attractions, delicious foods, incredible scenery, and plenty of time to spend with the family.

Planning a family reunion ahead of time is essential to make sure that you can do everything on your itinerary. Since you’re traveling with a group, be sure to get group travel insurance to ensure everything goes as planned. The best travel insurance can cover everything from hotel reservations to booking group tours to flights. You’ll be covered to give you peace of mind before and during your trip.

Let’s check out the best destination in the US for your next family reunion. Please note, we have provided tourism links to each location where they should be updating their travel restrictions.

Moab, Utah

Family reunions are the perfect chance to spend time in the great outdoors. Moab is one of the best destinations that’s fun for the entire family. It’s home to two of the best national parks in the US – Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

National parks have become the most sought-after travel destinations in the US. The good thing about visiting Moab is that you’ll have multiple parks to visit. There’s plenty of things to see and do in Moab for family members across all generations.

Hiking and sightseeing are the most popular activities in the parks. Visit Arches National Park to see the famous Delicate Arch and Mesa Arch. The hiking trails are accessible for all ages, and you’ll have incredible sunset views. Canyonlands has breathtaking views overlooking the canyon. You can go for a scenic drive along the canyon rim or explore the canyon floors.

You can host picnics at the parks and have plenty of places to cookout nearby. For an immersive experience in the outdoors, consider camping in the parks at one of the designated sites. There are also plenty of modern hotels in Moab as an alternative.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Who doesn’t want to spend a family vacation in paradise? Honolulu is an excellent choice to host your family reunion. And with more flight routes emerging to reach the destination from around the country, it’s now becoming easier for your entire family to make it there with no excuses. It’s a destination that you’ll definitely want to have group travel insurance to ensure your trip.

Traveling to Honolulu gives you a chance to check off a destination that’s surely on your bucket list. And the good news is that your reunion experience will be even better than you can imagine. Stay in one of the all-inclusive resorts on the island and get ready to experience all that it has to offer.

Honolulu has many activities suitable for all ages and interests. Whether you prefer adventure travel, learning about the local culture, or a relaxing getaway, you can do all the above and more in Honolulu.

Plan out some fun activities like spending a day on Waikiki Beach or hike to the Diamond Head summit for views overlooking the city. Be sure to add in a bit of local culture, like attending a luau show. Try to convince your family members to take part in the hula dancing with natives!

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Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the best all-around places to spend your family reunion. It’s one of the largest cities in the South and a major airport hub for easily arriving from around the country. You’ll have a packed itinerary as you explore all of the best things to do in Atlanta for your family reunion.

The weather and attractions are what rank Atlanta high on the list of reunion destinations. It has hot summers and mild winters where you can still enjoy the outdoor attractions. And even on rainy days, there are endless indoor spots to check out that you don’t want to miss.

Atlanta is a major metropolis with more attractions and landmarks than you can fit in one trip. Plan ahead to make sure everyone will have a great time. Kids will have plenty of fun at Six Flags Over Georgia or explore the World of Coca-Cola to uncover the secret recipe of the world-famous drink.

Other activities include visiting the Georgia Aquarium, attend a game of one of the Big Three sporting teams, or enjoy a leisure afternoon picnic in Piedmont Park with views of the Atlanta skyline.

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Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada)

family-reunion-planning-group-travel-insurance you know that Lake Tahoe is one of the largest lakes in the US? It’s located on the California-Nevada border with a 72-mile-long shoreline. It’s a popular destination for the summer and winter, so you can plan an incredible family reunion all year round.

Lake Tahoe checks off all the boxes as the perfect family reunion destination. From the outdoor attractions to the ski village resorts to the lakeside casinos, it will be a family reunion that you’re actually looking forward to.

Boating is one of the top things to do at Lake Tahoe. Rent a boat for the family and head out into the water for sightseeing and recreation. The water is perfect for swimming, jet skiing, fishing, and more.

During the summer, you can go hiking at Emerald Bay State Park for scenic overlooks of the lake. During the winter, stay in the Squaw Valley Resort for the best runs – it even hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960. The Nevada side of the lake is well-known for having several casinos to try your luck.

You can go camping at Lake Tahoe or stay in one of the lakefront accommodations.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is considered the “Las Vegas of the East Coast,” but it has one advantage over the real “Sin City” to make it an excellent destination for a family reunion – the beach. Atlantic City is a beachfront city where the kids can enjoy hanging out at the beach while you play in the casinos.

Atlantic City isn’t the largest city, but it will surprise you how much fun you can have. The best times to visit are from late spring to early fall when the weather is nicest, and many of the seasonal activities are open.

You’ll spend a lot of time along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It’s a popular pedestrian area lined with hotels, restaurants, casinos, shops, and more. At one end of the boardwalk is Steel Pier, an amusement park perfect for kids and adults to have fun. You can also find several cruises for great views of the city or spotting dolphins.

In addition to the beachfront attractions, it’s also a major entertainment hub where you can find lots of family-friendly shows.

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New Orleans

New Orleans is one of America’s favorite travel destinations. Your family reunion is the perfect excuse for making a group trip down to Louisiana and discovering what makes the city so great.

As soon as you arrive in New Orleans, you’ll feel the welcoming southern hospitality. You’ll be taken care of the entire trip, from the hotel staff to dining at the local restaurants. Stay near the French Quarter, a tourist hub where you’ll have culture, history, nightlife, and dining, all within walking distance from your accommodation.

Go for a group tour to learn about the city’s history. You’ll see everything from the French Quarter’s historical architecture to the Garden District’s stunning homes.

One of the most important parts of a successful family reunion is the food. New Orleans is a foodie capital where you’ll have hearty meals your entire trip. Make sure to try the local favorites like the po’boy sandwich and spicy seafood gumbo.

Explore the famous Bourbon Street in the daytime and night to see the city’s most vibrant area. It’s a great place to find some incredible restaurants, learn about its history, and enjoy live music entertainment.

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It’s hard to make a list of the best family reunion destinations in the US without mentioning Orlando. It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the country and is known for its family-friendly theme parks. You’ll see firsthand why they call it the “happiest place on Earth.”

Orlando has some of the most visited theme parks in the world. Since you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll benefit from package deals to attend theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Magic Kingdom. 

The theme parks are more than just a place for kids to have fun. There are plenty of thrill roller coasters, events, interactive theater experiences, and even immersing yourself into the worlds of your favorite movies or TV shows. Check out some of the themed restaurants that are more than accommodating for large groups.

If you need a break from the theme park excitement, experience some of the other fun local activities like indoor skydiving, swamp tours, or Daytona Beach, located just an hour away.

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Group Travel Insurance

Before rushing to book your next family reunion trip, be sure to check out options for the best travel insurance that covers your group trip. As much fun as your expecting to have, you’ll want to make sure everyone in your family is covered before the trip. Keep in mind, one travel protection policy can cover up to 20 people! Happy travels, and your entire family will thank you for choosing an incredible family reunion destination.

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